Before Tacos

Guacamole Bowl

Smashed avocado, lime, achiote oil, toasted…
$8.00 Add to cart

Street Corn Cob

Cotija, ancho chile, lime, basil
$4.50 Add to cart

Queso Fundido

Roasted poblano, chorizo, tomato, chips
$7.00 Add to cart


Get That Corn Outta My Facel

Partida Reposado, Ginger Beer, Lime, Canela-Star…
$9.00 Add to cart

Mexican Old Fashioned

Hornitos Black, cane syrup, orange, rocks
$10.00 Add to cart

Plethora of Pifiatas

Baron Samedi, pineapple, basil syrup, orange,…
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Ancho Chile Bloody Maria

Libelula, Ancho Reyes, house bloody mix
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Instead of Tacos

Chorizo Rice Bowl

Homemade chorizo, Carolina Gold jasmine rice,…
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Tuna Poke Salad*

Canewator farms greens, sushi grade tuna,…
$14.00 Add to cart

Street Taco Salad

Rafe’s greens, salsa, cotija, guacamole, radish,…
$11.00 Add to cart

Bull Street Torta

Bolillo bread, braised pork, jalapenos, Basil…
$9.00 Select options

Rancho Gordo Bean & Cheese Quesadilla

Pistachio and kale posto, grape tomato…
$11.00 Select options


Street Taco Combo

3 Tacos from the box and…
$13.00 Select options

Michelada Shrimp

Chipotle crema, house salsa, and cabbage,…
$4.50 Add to cart

Tuna Poke Tostada*

Sushi grade tuna, cabbage, avocado smash,…
$4.75 Add to cart


Vegan pineapple aioli, jalapono, Rafe’s groons
$4.50 Add to cart

Short Rib

Braised with Mexican coko, tomatillos, chiles,…
$5.00 Add to cart

Taco Party

Jefe’s choice of 10 tacos
$30.00 Add to cart


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